A Beginner's Guide to Latex Clothing

Latex is a unique and fun fabric to wear, but can be a bit daunting for those new to it. We get a lot of questions from curious people excited to wear it, but that just don’t know where to start. So let’s begin!


Most people’s notion of latex seems to come from the movies or seedy stories told at moodily lit, late night parties. Because of this we find that a lot of new clients are interested in getting a sleek, black catsuit. It’s a classic for a lot of reasons and made very popular by characters like Catwoman and movies like Underworld and The Matrix. While they are very sexy and alluring, they can be difficult to wear.


Latex is a material you need to learn to wear, so don’t be too ambitious. Start off with something small like gloves, panties or a mini skirt. You want to get the feel of latex against your skin and experience what it’s like to move and play in it. Once you have fallen in love with it, you can confidently move up to larger pieces knowing that you are going to truly enjoy wearing it.


But here’s the surprise – latex is fun before you even get into it! In order to smoothly and comfortably dress in latex you must lube the garment and yourself. Yes, you read that correctly! Because latex has a tendency to stick to skin as you dress, we recommend that you use a silicone based lubricant to ease the process. For example, if you were dressing in latex stockings you would squeeze a bit of lube into your hand and rub it all over your calves and thighs as well as your feet. Then drip some into the stocking and with your hand inside, rub it around to coat all the surfaces. To dress, start by slipping your toe in and working the latex up your leg. It can be a very sensual feeling so take your time and enjoy the process of getting dressed.


Not only do you want to take your time to enjoy the feeling of latex on your skin, but latex can be delicate and you want to make sure to not rush the process and possibly damage your garment. Be careful of long fingernails and jewelry snagging and tearing your piece.


Now that you have your stockings on you’ll want to shine them up. You can use a silicone spray or latex shine, but again we prefer to use silicone lube. It creates a beautiful, glossy shine and is fun to do! Shining up your latex once you have it on is one of the best perks of the fabric. Enjoy it yourself or have a partner do it for you! It can be a great way to get charged up for a fun night out (or in!).


Which brings us to a question we receive quite often: Where do I wear my fancy new latex? Of course, we are biased, but we truly believe you can wear it anywhere! Put on a flowy dress over those shiny stockings and go out to dinner. You can flash a little leg and surprise your dinner date or just give your look a little edge. Mixing latex with every day fashion is becoming much more popular now that the fabric is becoming more mainstream. Wear a latex flower in your hair with your favorite pinup dress or add a super shiny peplum belt to a wiggle dress to spice it up a bit. Wearing a latex outfit to an event is a great way to get some fun attention. Latex has stepped out of the fetish world and into fashion. Don’t be afraid to push it a bit!


While you are out on the town enjoying the sexiness of your new latex there are a few things to remember. Latex has a tendency to make you sweaty. While some people aren’t too keen on that fact, we find that it makes wearing latex more comfortable. Once you have been wearing it for a bit you’ll find that your body has created a nice layer of sweat between you and the garment that allows it to move and slide against your skin creating that sexy feeling we love. The downside to this is that dehydration can occur quickly, especially if alcohol is being consumed. Just remember to drink lots of water and be aware of what your body is telling you.


Another common concern is the heat associated with wearing latex. While latex doesn’t breathe, it is not always hot to wear. Latex acclimates to the surrounding environment, so if you are in a hot club, it will be hot and if you are outside in a cool breeze, your garment will feel cool to the skin. It also depends on how tight your latex is and how much of your body is covered.


This leads us to another important point. The right size latex will alleviate a lot of comfort problems. If your latex is too tight it will be constrictive, hot and uncomfortable. For form fitting pieces your latex should fit nice and snug without too many wrinkles or any visible bagging. If you are ordering latex online you want to make sure to get the right size. Your garment should be 2-4 inches smaller than your body measurements, depending on how tight you like to wear it. When looking at a size chart make sure to take note of whether it is geared towards the finished garment measurements or your actual body measurements. When ordering from Lust you will see on our size chart that our garments are based on your measurements, so you would choose the size that falls within the range of your dimensions. The stretch is already built into the pattern, so it should fit nice and snug.


Different thicknesses of latex stretch differently and are used for different applications. Most garments are made in a 0.40mm-0.45mm thickness. This thickness is used for dresses, tops, panties, skirts etc. Thicker latex is used for garments like pants and jackets that need more structure. The thickest latex is used for corsets, harnesses and restraints. The thicker the latex, the less stretch it has, so just keep that in mind when choosing your piece.


Custom sizing is a great way to go if you want to ensure the perfect fit. Anyone can look great in latex as long as it fits well.


Now that you’ve slipped into your latex, worn it out on the town and are finally home and ready to undress, how do you take it off? Well, you have a few options. If you’ve sweat into your latex and still have a nice sheen between yourself and the garment, it should slide off fairly easily. Make sure to use the pads of your fingers and don’t tug or pull on stuck spots as it may tear. Try not to roll it off as it will begin to react with a rubberband effect and get tighter and tighter as you try to remove it. Try and get a bit of air in between your body and the garment by sliding your hand down and gently pulling it away from your skin. It should come unstuck and slide off much easier. If you are having a really hard time removing it, jump in the shower! Not only does water feel amazing pouring over your latex, but if you let it run down inside your garment, along your body, it lubricates and gently separates from your skin. The added bonus to this method is that you can quickly rinse out your garment and hang it to dry right there in the shower.


If you didn’t hop in the shower, just give your latex a quick rinse with plain dish soap and hang it to dry with a plastic hanger. Metal discolors latex so don’t throw it over your shower curtain rod! Once it’s dry it may stick to itself so give it a quick shine and store in a dark place until your next night out on the town.


This is just a quick overview of wearing and caring for you latex. For more detailed information on dressing, cleaning and storing, please see our Care Instructions page.


Now, let’s get shiny!!