Lust's Amazingly Talented Cast of Characters

 Owner/Designer: Penny McClish

Designer Penny McClish has had a love for all things dress-up since the first time she tried on her mom’s shiny, patent pumps as a little girl. After receiving her design and costuming degree she branched out from her work at the opera to try her hand at something a little kinkier; latex! Creating her own custom latex clothing to wear to events all over the Bay Area quickly caught the attention of other curvy ladies interested in something a little different. That was when Lust Designs was born and she has been creating cheeky, unique and exciting latex ever since!



Glue Huffaluffagus: Mojo Deville

Cultivated in the veins of the NYC underground, Mojo encapsulates an elegant juxtaposition of glamour, urban heat, rock & roll fetishism and tribal chic. A whirlwind of striking beauty and decadent mania, her unique brand of wiggling often nods to contemporary dance, hip-hop, strip/tease and sideshow. 

The creative behind the chaos, the high priestess of perversion, "Lady Luck" herself! :: Available for all your art entertainment needs, esoteric deeds and high frequencies…


The Mistress of Management: Jenn Motherfuckin' Tran

JMFT is a tattooed Texan, former domme and jill-of-all-trades. This stellar task master knows people, productivity, sex, sales.... and how to bring it all together. Her experience in both the startup and fetish scenes, combine to execute a meticulously tailored approach to the business side of Lust Designs. 

When she's not whipping people (and their schedules) into shape, JMFT can be found baking (sinfully) delicious things and knitting socks. 


Internet Cat Lady: Stephanie Catbutt

Catbutt is a visual artist with experience in art, photography, graphic design, and fashion design. Often times, if you meet her in real life, she'd be talking about her cat or butts. Both are very prime things in life.

You can see more of her work outside of doing graphic design and being a website wizard for Lust Designs here:


Boy Friday: Fish

Master of multi-tasking, Fish is an integral part of the machine that runs Lust. Without his muscles, his truck and his fun attitude, we would never get anywhere! You might see him standing on the top of his truck at Folsom building our giant signage, helping beautiful people pick out shiny goodies at events, playing bodyguard to our sexy models, rockin’ the runway himself, manning the shining station (tough job!), balancing coffee, donuts and extra lube for hungry, undershined staff or dancing his ass off at BAGG while handing out fliers! He is the definition of a great Boy Friday!

When Fish isn’t running around in latex doing Lust’s bidding, he’s running his own business – The Jalopy Shoppe. He’s a self proclaimed “tin knocker/mechanic”  and can build or restore just about any car or motorcycle you bring him. He can also be found zipping around the race car track at ungodly speeds!

Check out one of his cool race cars here!


Social Media Maven & Plus Spokesmodel: Nicole Simone

I’m a buxom and bodacious model and an award winning belly dance performer from the greater Bay Area. I am thrilled to add my new title as the Social Media MAven and Plus Spokesmodel for Lust Designs. I remember falling in love with latex 15 years ago and it’s amazing how your desires will manifest themselves into business opportunities down the road.  I am thrilled to join a team of creative and kind individuals and I look forward to growing with Penny and her amazing vision of Lust Designs!


Instagram: SaucySimone

Fan Page:



Spokesmodel: Ava Lanche

Ava Lanche has been a part of Lust Designs since 2005. She is a curvy fetish model, that has been promoting latex around the bay area, both in the kink scene as well as the burlesque community for almost 10 years. A lover of all things dark and gothy, as well as shiny and rubbery, this dark haired beauty is a familiar face at Lust Designs, and can be found modeling, lube wrestling, and performing in her lust-ful attire, quite frequently. Find out where she'll be next!


Applique Bitch: Francis

Francis is amazingly adept at hand cutting intricate latex appliqués, is easily bribed with expensive tequila and tells awesome stories about all the cool bars he’s worked at over the years, so we’ve decided to keep him around for a while!

Event Coordinator & Model Wrangler: KBK

One of our first dress designs was named after this amazing lady! The KBK dress not only looked amazing on her as she modeled in the first ever Lust fashion show, but it was the gateway drug that got her hooked on us! As a much loved member of our team since it’s inception in 2004, KBK has worn a lot of latex and many hats, but her latest and greatest contribution has been as our event coordinator and model wrangler! Our fun and sexy shows would not run nearly so smoothly, (if at all!) if we didn't have this incredibly organized and talented ring leader! 

As a lover of all things zombie and horror, she has been lucky enough to be cast in multiple gory movies! From playing the main scream queen to dragging her rotted corpse around seeking brains, she has entertained at least a handful of us! Just kidding! She has her own IMDB page! Check her out in the hilarious “Paranormal Parody” and if you ever need a sexy zombie, look no further than this!