Custom Process

Custom Creations for the Discerning Deviant isn't just our tagline, it’s our passion! We here at Lust Designs love to collaborate with our clients to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that stand out from the crowd. 

Our process begins with an email exchange, phone call or in studio visit to work out your custom design. We will discuss details, look at photos and drawings, take custom measurements and get to know you and your vision.

After the design is finalized we will furnish you with a price quote and timeline. At this time a 50% deposit is required and the remainder is due upon completion. Depending on the scope of the project, a payment schedule may also be set up at this time.

Personal fittings will be scheduled at our studio in Oakland to ensure a great fit. If an in person fitting is not possible, we will send out your design and a Skype fitting can be scheduled.

We guarantee that you will love your new Lust creation! Email to get your custom piece started!


Read a custom client story below to see the step by step process of designing a custom Peacock!


 A client came to us with a very unique idea. He wanted a latex peacock with realistic feathers that stood up behind his 6'3" frame. We had a few design consultations and decided on a metallic and electric blue catsuit with a fancy hood complete with beak and head feathers. We also added a metallic purple corset to anchor the feather harness to.


After making a few attempts at getting the feathers right, we came up with the cool plan you see here. They consist of two layers of heavy metallic purple latex encasing a piece of heavy wire. The eyes are made up of 5 different colors of latex that are layered to create the center pattern. Just deciding on those 5 colors was a feat in itself!


Not only did we decide to make latex feathers, but we created pretty applique pieces to mimic the movement on the rest of the catsuit. You can see my sketches here.


Our first fitting with the catsuit, hood and corset went really well! Here we are testing the placement and height of the feathers. We spent quite some time this day designing the harness to hold the feathers exactly where he wanted them.


Sometimes the designer just has to be her own fit model! Here I am checking the eye placement on the hood and making sure the feathers were very secure. I did a bit of headbanging and didn't lose one. Success!

Once our client tried on the hood, we decided to completely black out the eye. We found some thick black mesh and layered it a few times across the inside of the hood to darken it up, but still keep it functional. It turned out that it gave it a much more glossy, creepy, bird eye look, which he loved! (and you can see in the following picture)


We thought the most difficult part of this design was going to be the feathers, but once we started trying to build the harness we realized how heavy it was going to be! After a lot of failed experimentation we settled on buying a pre-made Samba feather backpack and covering it in latex. Then we spent many hours wiring the latex peacock feathers to create the large fan. 

This photo was from one of our first harness fittings when we realized how many feathers we were really going to need to make it full and lush. it was a lot more than we had originally planned on, so it was back to the shop for another round of feathers! 

You can also see in this photo that we found a really beautiful piece of hardware for the harness that amazingly had swirling feathers etched into it. We took the idea from that piece to create the appliques for the rest of the catsuit.




And here is the finished peacock! The client and our staff were amazingly happy with how it turned out. This was an extremely challenging project that was really fun to work on!


He definitely has his posturing down perfect! When he prances around the feathers move and bounce and look fantastic! It's too bad we don't have video because he even had a perfect peacock call down that he had been practicing!


You can see here the fun applique on the hip of the catsuit that wraps all the way around to the back and down his leg. We also added an applique to the opposite arm as well as frilly applique and matching hardware to the collar of the harness to tie it in.




Back view where you can barely see the samba backpack wiring across the corset balancing out the weight of the feathers. Such a clever and simple design that worked perfectly for this application.