The Care & Feeding of your new Lust latex!

  • Always lube your latex garment and your body with a light coat of silicone lubricant before putting it on. We recommend Eros Bodyglide. The tighter the garment, the more lube you need to get into it. Be generous!


  • Polish your latex with Black Beauty or a silicone lubricant and a lint-free rag. This works best when done while wearing the garment (and its fun!). Do not over-shine appliquéd areas. This will peel up the edges, eventually releasing the applique


  • Metal discolors latex - be aware of what your garment is resting against. Use only plastic hangers. If your latex piece has metal snaps or hardware, store it away from other latex pieces, especially light colors as the metal can and will discolor what it is touching. If your garment has any metal buttons or grommets, place a piece of clean white cloth or tissue paper behind and in front of the metal, carefully folding the garment away from the metals if possible. 


  • Avoid sharp objects. Latex can tear and puncture easily. Be extra careful if you have long nails and remove all jewelry when putting on or taking off your latex.


  • Be aware that any light colored latex, such as white or pink, will stain easily! Lipstick is a common culprit – put it on after getting dressed


  • After you have enjoyed wearing your new latex garment and you’re ready to clean it, place it in a tub of cool water with just a little dish-washing soap, then rinse. Do not use anti-bacterial soap or hot water - both will harm your garment. Make sure you rinse all of the soap off as it can discolor the latex if left to dry on it. Hang your garment to dry on a plastic hanger and make sure it is completely dry inside & out before storing. Some lighter colored latex and especially transparent pieces may look discolored, spotty or warped in some places after washing. Don't worry! Wipe it down, let it dry and it should return to it's former beautiful state.


  • If you wear your latex often, clean as above, shine it, and hang it in a garment bag away sunlight where you can get to it easily to enjoy as often as you like. Hanging your garments won't damage anything. However, over time if a garment is heavy, straps and shoulder areas can become stretched out.


  • To store your latex for long periods of time, you can dry and powder it with cornstarch-based baby powder, shine outside, and place in a plastic bag away from sunlight. Clear plastic bags are great for easily identify the garment. Store in a dark space, as sun will cause latex to chalk or begin to break down.